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Avalon Carpentry was first opened in 2012 so we are still new in business, but with experience for over 10 years now. We are Licenced as a home improovement contractor (Lic# 13VH08457900). Registered with the New Jersey Division of Revenue and FULLY INSURED to protect our workers as well as your home. We will always try our best to keep costs low and highest quality.

We are a business that is at its begining now, we want to grown and keep the good name. Our team consists of 7 workers that have being working together for the past 3 years now and do well together at work and also out of work. 

Our main goal is to grown in a way that our name is recognised when people see our trucks, but not in a way that we loose control of our work. Making customers happy is the most inportant job that we have!

We are located on 1806 HWY 35 SUITE 205, Oakhurs NJ 07755, but we work all over the place, so if you would like to see some of the work that we did by going to customers houses we can gladly say that it is definetly not a problem since most of our customers feel good about showing the work that we performed at their houses... Call us at your convinience for a free etimate! 

Thank you for visiting our WebPage looking forward in working with you!

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